With sleep empowerment, nature mattresses help China's ice and snow sports to be awarded in Beijing!

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On December 2, the winter sports management center of the State General Administration of sports held a licensing ceremony for the nature mattress in the comprehensive training hall, in order to thank the high-quality domestic products made by nature for taking the responsibility of escorting the sleep of ice and snow athletes.


In July, nature mattresses were professionally developed and customized for the ice and snow training and scientific research base of the winter sports management center of the General Administration of sports of the people's Republic of China. It is hoped that these ecological bedding can bring the best sleep quality to ice and snow athletes, and wish them another success in the competition.


With sleep empowerment, we can cheer for the ice and snow athletes


The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has entered the countdown. At the time of intense preparations, athletes have drawn arcs on the white ice and snow to rehearse for their own "highlight moment".


Whether it is the desire for medals or the dedication to honor, every athlete tries his best to realize his dream. In the face of high-intensity training and confrontation events, high-quality sleep is particularly important. Only when the body gets a full rest can it give better play to its strength and fight with all its strength.


In order to make ice and snow athletes play better on the field, nature mattresses tailor-made Champion Sports mattresses for ice and snow athletes to protect spine health, safety, environmental protection and ventilation, provide preparation guarantee for athletes, help them sleep deeply and store energy for winning the championship.


This exclusive bedding mattress for ice and snow athletes adopts internationally advanced plant fiber molding technology and follows the "three-stage nine layer" three-dimensional structure originally created by nature, which can effectively support all parts of the athletes' body and protect their spine for deep sleep; Three layers of pressure release and slow release layer, good resilience, so that athletes' muscles can be fully relaxed; 360 degree all-round ventilation system, quickly wicking sweat and moisture; The same black technology constant temperature design of American Aerospace suit creates a suitable sleep temperature, which is especially suitable for long-term training athletes.


Care for athletes' sleep and their special mission. Nature takes its own responsibility to ensure that athletes enjoy natural, healthy and ecological sleep during their dream and championship.


Nature, as a health brand of CRRC, is honored by nature to fulfill the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises and help snow athletes. It is also a driving force to move forward and never stop. It is also a mission to help healthy China!

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