Nature Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the "leading enterprise in China's furniture industry"

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On December 29, 2021, China furniture industry cluster conference and the second session of the Seventh Council of China Furniture Association were held in Chengdu. The conference was centered on "smart empowerment matrix China".


At the meeting, nature Technology Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "leading enterprise in China's furniture industry in 2021". This is not only the affirmation and encouragement of China Furniture Association to nature, but also the driving force and responsibility of nature's progress.


Integrate the world pattern and build a furniture brand country. The China furniture industry cluster conference and the Second Council of the seventh session of China Furniture Association systematically reviewed the development achievements of furniture industry clusters and industry enterprises, and pointed out the direction for the future development of industrial clusters and furniture industry.


For more than 30 years, nature mattress has always focused on the research of spine health and ecological sleep, which not only brings healthy and comfortable sleep experience to the people deeply troubled by sleep, but also contributes to the inheritance of Chinese Sleep culture and the realization of scientific and technological innovation.


In the future development, nature mattresses will continue to cultivate the brand strength, do a good job in the benchmarking model of natural sleep, and continuously promote the healthy development of the furniture industry with natural and healthy sleep products and high-quality services, so as to bring healthy and safe natural sleep products to the majority of consumers.

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