Heritage of nature - ingenuity

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1、 Everything is difficult at the beginning

As the saying goes, "everything is difficult at the beginning". For college students who have just entered the society, how to smoothly convert from students' role to professional role is a very "difficult" beginning. If you meet a good teacher at this time, such a change seems to be much smoother.


Zhang Sensen, now an employee of nature, mainly works on mattress design. After four years of design study in University, he has mastered the design concept and professional knowledge including automobile, air conditioner and other products. Because of this, he is very confident in his design ability.


Zhang Sensen's first work arrangement after entering nature has become a test of his transformation. At that time, the leader asked him to be responsible for the shape design of a mattress, that is, this small mattress, which set him great difficulties.


Soon, Zhang Sensen designed his first work. "Compared with the previous design exercises for air conditioners and cars, this requirement is too simple," he said


The next process is that he proofs the shape of the designed mattress. The purpose of this step is to check the presentation effect of the design drawing after it is turned into a real object, and test whether the design is suitable for later mass production.


However, when the template is printed, the unexpected difference between the presentation effect and the design effect is difficult for him to accept - the pattern is completely deformed. Later, he found a neglected problem in his design: the factor of fabric elasticity.


The pattern of mattress design is not like that of other designs. It is finished after printing, but quilted on elastic fabrics with a quilting machine. What's more troublesome is that different fabrics have different elasticity. The proofing effect of the same design on different fabrics is different.


Zhang Sensen looked at the deformed pattern produced by the first proofing, and with the problem of fabric elasticity, he thought about ways to be familiar with the characteristics of fabrics. In the actual production of nature, there are no more than two methods: first, read books, check materials, and then test each kind of fabric. Second, ask an experienced master for advice.


There is no doubt that the second is time-saving, labor-saving and efficient. Nature has always had the fine tradition of "mentoring and mentoring". Consulting the teacher has become the first step for Zhang Sensen to understand the fabric and get out of the difficulties of work.


2、 Two generations of master and disciple

If you want to ask, who is the most familiar with the company's products and who is the most familiar with fabric proofing in the whole company, Wang Jing can definitely rank in the top 10. At the recommendation of the leader, Zhang Sensen came to the company's product proofing room and followed Wang Jing to learn.


Wang Jing, who came to the cutting class of nature in 1997, went all the way from ordinary employees to the monitor of sewing class. With more than 20 years of dedication and accumulation, he has become a veteran proofing master of nature.


She only glanced at the design drawing to know what effect would be presented under what kind of fabric. Moreover, among the newcomers recruited by nature, whether in product design, product marketing or equipment management, they have to study with Wang Jing for a month and call her a teacher.


You may wonder that product design, product marketing and equipment management are clearly three jobs of different nature, which seem to have nothing to do with the relationship between the needle car squad. Even if the needle car squad leader has high qualifications and cross departmental guidance, what can he bring to the new people that is beneficial to their work?


In fact, these positions have one thing in common - they all need to deal with products. "She has a unique skill. As long as it is the fabric used in the company's products, just give her a glance, and you can quickly answer which product you use the fabric for and what kind of technology you use." All the disciples she took said so.


There is a saying in the oil man: "without him, only your hands are familiar.". Wang Jing is nature's "oil man". Whenever new people marvel at Wang Jing's "unique skill", she always patiently tells them: "as long as you settle down, you will be better than me."


In the face of apprentices in different positions, Wang Jing's teaching focus is also different. Facing Zhang Sensen's product design position, Wang Jing will teach them to be familiar with fabrics and be aware of the characteristics of the fabrics used in the products. Only designers who are very familiar with fabrics will give priority to whether the fabric characteristics meet the design when designing new products.


"She is too familiar with the characteristics of various fabrics, the proportion and size between fabrics and design drawings. She can see where they go at a glance and will suggest me to modify them." When talking about Master Wang Jing, Zhang Sensen always couldn't help praising him.


"Only those who are very familiar with the equipment can judge whether a complex design can be mass produced with the existing process, or what auxiliary tools can be added to achieve mass production.


Because in their future work, they need to communicate with customers for a long time. Only when they know well about the functions of mite prevention, ventilation, moisture removal and other fabrics, can they accurately convey product information to customers. " Wang Jing said.


In his own post, Wang Jing constantly optimizes his professional ability; In the training work, she actively provides help and patiently gives guidance. For example, in the face of equipment management posts, Wang Jing will focus on teaching them to be familiar with equipment characteristics, which equipment and process are used in existing products, and whether auxiliary tools are added. Facing the post of product marketing, Wang Jing requires them to be familiar with not only the characteristics of fabrics, but also the functions of fabrics. Some people say that Wang Jing is a "sweeping monk" hidden in front-line posts.


"Almost everyone who has studied around Wang Jing will thank her for her intentions and affectionately call her Aunt Wang. Because the longer we get along, the more we feel that she is not only a teacher who introduces new people, but also an elder at home." "At first, I felt that the work of designing mattresses was very simple. I didn't need anything but good-looking," Zhang said It was not until he learned from his master Wang Jing that he began to "distinguish what is the surrounding edge and what is the wrapping edge". He also had to use fabrics with different characteristics according to the different positions of the mattress.


Over time, when designing a new mattress, I will consciously work according to the fabric characteristics and process characteristics. "


3、 Teachers and apprentices inherit and continue their ingenuity

"For me, this is a very valuable learning experience, but what he learned is not only the knowledge of fabrics, but also the meticulous spirit of the master in his work."


The sample block after proofing needs to be cut and then sewn, but it is the cutting step. Zhang Sensen once had a conceptual conflict with his master. In Zhang Sensen's view, the mattress patterns he designed are symmetrical. Only half of the patterns need to be drawn and then folded and cut in half, which can save materials. But master Wang Jing totally disagreed with this practice and asked Zhang Sensen to cut the same pattern every time, which must be cut according to the overall shape.


"I can't fight for master's insistence. I can only do it.


It was not until the staff sewed the fabric that I found that the original work of the stitcher would be based on the template, and then 1-2 cm would be reserved on the fabric for stitching. If I cut the template in my original way, there will be no room for the stitcher to sew the bedspread, which will be less than the actual size of the mattress liner.


This wrong way can be recovered in the proofing stage. Once it is put into actual mass production, it will cause great losses. " Zhang Sensen said.

Similar disputes occurred between almost every newcomer under the guidance of Wang Jing. Once, Wang Jing was instructing a newcomer in equipment management to write a job paper. He found that he confused the sewing distance of equipment proofing with the actual sewing distance in a group of data, but the newcomer insisted that his conclusion was absolutely correct. Therefore, a fierce debate broke out between the two engines.


After the induction thesis, Wang Jing found the newcomer and asked the other party to conduct a practical operation with the newcomer's own data and the data given by Wang Jing. From the proofing results, the new sample block is 30 cm more than the actual demand. If each mattress is produced according to the new data, a lot of fabric will be wasted.


After this experience, the new couple thoroughly understood Wang Jing's hard line attitude and was full of gratitude and admiration for her teaching.


"Until now, every time I design a new picture, I will show it to the master first. She is not only a teacher, but also the first noble person I met in my career." Zhang Sensen said, "in the past, I was too confident and always felt that all designs were very simple. However, the design work is important, but it is more important to coordinate the characteristics of various fabrics and the cooperation of personnel."


After solving the difficulty of starting everything, Zhang Sensen not only has a new understanding of work skills, but also has a new understanding of work attitude. During this period of study, Zhang Sensen felt that he had benefited a lot and sincerely appreciated the serious and responsible Master Wang Jing he met.


"Mencius" said: my young and the young of man.


In terms of language expression, Wang Jing is not as smart as the newcomer. He can only ask the other party to write according to his own data. Although the other party modified the data, the unconvinced appearance has been lingering in Wang Jing's heart.


"Let the new man know where he is wrong.


The young new faces always remind her of her children. I regard the newcomers as their own children and hope that everything will go well in their future work. I will treat them like my own children. I wish I could teach them everything I know. "


Nature's fine tradition of "mentoring and mentoring" has trained the first batch of employees after 30 years of development, and the development of 30 years has also begun to inherit the second generation of employees. Zhang Sensen's story also takes place in other departments of the company in different ways. The masters of the older generation and the apprentices of the younger generation work together on the broad and prosperous avenue of nature.

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