Historical background of development -- Reform of state-owned enterprises

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Since the 1980s, the reform of state-owned enterprises has always been the central link of economic system reform. The reform of state-owned enterprises is an extensive and profound reform, which has activated the profit consciousness and development consciousness of state-owned enterprises as production units under the traditional system, and laid a preliminary foundation for gradually adapting to market competition.


Since 1997, China has begun to carry out strategic adjustment against the state-owned economy, and the pace of strategic reorganization of state-owned enterprises has accelerated. With the large-scale entry of state-owned enterprises into the market and the further expansion of opening to the outside world, the external environment of state-owned enterprises has undergone significant changes, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the differentiation of enterprises is becoming more and more obvious. While a large number of enterprises stand out, many enterprises are in trouble or even disappear.


Guiyang rolling stock factory of the Ministry of Railways is a freight car repair project designed and constructed by China. Its completion investment fills the gap of freight car repair in Southwest China. Nature belongs to the vehicle factory. It is said that the original intention of making cushions is to serve the seats of the vehicle factory. The vehicle factory did this project, which was the first project in 1990, so it is called 901.

Nature brand has developed for 30 years. At that time, in order to support the construction of the west, a group of employees of national enterprises moved to Guiyang. Nanfang Huitong Co., Ltd. was formed under this background. It was subordinate to CRRC and mainly engaged in the repair and manufacturing of railway freight cars.


With the transformation of economic development mode, the Enterprise boldly walked out of the original railway track, began to explore and try in the field of plant fiber mattresses, and established nature Technology Co., Ltd. by virtue of the whole industrial chain model of palm tree planting, palm product R & D, production and sales integration.


In the middle and late 1980s, state-owned enterprises were facing restructuring, and Guiyang rolling stock factory, affiliated to the Ministry of railways, was no exception. The old chairman needed new projects to divert some employees. During a visit to Austria, the old chairman accidentally found that there were many carpet like brown sheets made of coconut brown fiber and latex for dust prevention and sound insulation. It suddenly occurred to him that there are many mountain palm trees on the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, which are more resilient than coconut palm. With this idea, the old chairman did not hesitate to introduce a set of brown mattress processing equipment from Austria for the production experiment of brown mattress.


The same batch of restructured enterprises produce shoes and other industries, but most of them have not really developed, and many flash in the pan disappear in the long river of time. Nature has also experienced difficulties again and again before it can persist for more than 30 years and become an important brand of plant fiber mattresses at home and abroad.


Thirty years has too much meaning for Chinese people. Thirty years is a node for an enterprise.


Recalling the past, when nature was founded, the brand design concept was one sun, one earth, implying all things in heaven and earth and taking nature, so it was named nature. Enterprises undertake the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, always transmit positive energy to the society, and dare to shoulder heavy burdens and challenges at the same time. At present, nature is still making a difference under the new situation and market, and nature will burst out with new vitality.

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