Research on "brown silk" extraction technology from pressure cooker

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Some people say that the mattress is not a high-tech industry. It does not need precise instruments and accurate calculation; Some people say that the road to simplicity, the more daily the simpler things often contain heaven and earth. No matter what kind of statement is reasonable, but to really do a good job of a mattress is not a hasty installation production line, which is filled mechanically.


This is a story about the first people engaged in mattress technology production, and it is also a miniature of mattress technology in the 1990s. At that time, Yang bingang graduated from internship and first came to the Chemical Research Institute.


"For a new intern, many things are unknown, and nature is the first batch of people to eat crabs like plant fiber mattresses. It can be said that they cross the river by touching stones.


We are at a loss about how to make mattresses. There is no successful model of plant fiber mattresses in China as a reference. We don't know how to mix glue or how to spray glue on brown silk. "


At that time, the market had not popularized mattresses, and many rural areas used straw as mattresses. Therefore, during the internship, the students were not optimistic about the industry Yang Bin would be engaged in.


"At the beginning, it was very difficult to mix the glue. Many people kept trying together. After mixing again and again, they slowly went from small-scale test and pilot test to production. Later, they took the formula to nature company, which was still the No. 1 branch of the vehicle factory at that time, and improved it again. Because there were problems with the formula at that time, it often agglomerated."


At that time, Yang Bin and other colleagues went into the vulcanization tank to remove the rubber block.


"The removed glue often falls on the clothes and can't be washed off at all, so 3 or 4 sets of work clothes will be prepared.


The problem is more than that. There was a problem with the steel cylinder that was first used to contain glue, that is, the mattress sprayed out by the glue containing this steel cylinder does not rebound. It's the same formula. I don't know why this problem occurs?


After investigating various possible problems one by one, it was found that other substances would be produced when the steel cylinder itself came into contact with the rubber at that time; After stirring, the whole bottle of glue can't be used. Later, it was found that only the latex in stainless steel bottles with metal content of 1 lawrencium, 18 nickel and 9 titanium will not change its properties. "


The concept of "pressure cooker" is a folk local law, which has always existed. When a pressure cooker like a vulcanization tank is used, there is another process: extraction of brown board wire. Nature mattress adopts the method of "pressure cooker" after the equipment enters the factory.


"Because sheet silk alone is not good. Although it is soft and tenacious, it has poor elasticity. Brown board silk has good elasticity and tenacity. We mainly use brown board silk now.


Brown silk is extracted and needs cooking. The initial conditions are not good, but if there are no conditions, create conditions. The brown board is put into the pressure cooker first and then pulled out after being pressed. Until now, the technical conditions still need to cook first, but the output is much larger than before.


The mattress needs the brown silk to curl, and it takes time to evaporate water, so that the brown silk can be easily shaped. In this way, the brown silk is also easier to curl when sorting by the equipment.


The material we use is the fiber silk in the brown board. The process of extracting the silk requires cooking technology, which is also needed now. The brown silk in the palm leaf petiole is not easy to take out, so this section needs cooking. After cooking, the petiole is fractured, and then the silk is caught out by the wire grabbing equipment.


At first, I only knew that there was brown silk in the petiole, but I didn't know how to pull it out. But at that time, from the experience of rural life, they would take raw materials to cook brown silk or wood as long as they took silk. After the raw material absorbs water, it is easy to expand and disperse, which is convenient for us to take out the internal brown silk.


So at the beginning, we used a pressure cooker to do experiments. In terms of temperature, humidity and time, we can see what process parameters it is easiest to extract silk.


Now, our smaller processors make a kiln, put a big pot on it and cook the materials. Now it takes about three days to cook. Take out the brown board, roll it, and then grasp the wire.


In the early stage of equipment development, we also want to develop something in this process. Our factory has a vulcanization tank. We just want to use this vulcanization tank. Will the efficiency be higher. Because the temperature of the vulcanization tank can reach 130 ° when it is sealed.


At higher temperatures, the cooking time can be shortened and the efficiency will be improved.


In our processing industry, there are several relatively large-scale processing plants that have changed from pots to vulcanization cans. Inject high-temperature steam into the vulcanization tank to heat the raw materials. Now you can take out the materials for processing and wire drawing after boiling for a few hours. "


The extraction of brown silk, from 92 to 16 years, is processed by the raw material processor. In 2016, the workers had the idea of forming the "extraction of brown silk" into a process, but the production technology process of the process and equipment improvement are very important. Because the development of equipment improves the efficiency of production and increases the safety of employees.


"A brown rope production line has been built for a processor who provides materials for a long time, with a relatively high degree of automation. It is a complete set of equipment for the whole process of cooking, drawing, drying and rope forming. However, the price of this equipment is high, and the processor with insufficient strength can not do it. Moreover, in the production process, safety accidents also occur frequently due to working environment such as high temperature and high pressure. Since the new equipment was put into use in 2017 , only Xingyi processor, which is invested by nature, has never had any safety accidents again, which improves the safety of operation. In addition, the slag content of materials produced by this mechanized production line is much lower than before, and the hygiene and quality have been greatly improved. "


Nature has gradually explored a unique production mode of plant fiber mattresses, relying on these people who are full of enthusiasm and love this cause wholeheartedly. In the future, I believe that with the progress of technology and the application of new materials, the service life, comfort, air permeability, resilience, support and adhesion of mattresses will be greatly improved.

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