Taking the factory as the home -- the fire forged the spirit of overcoming difficulties of nature

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1、 Fire Chronicle

1993 is destined to be an extraordinary year for nature.


In June this year, the factory carried out production in an orderly manner as usual, and everything seemed normal. No one expected that a fire in the evening broke the balance and hit the fledgling nature hard.


As the fire occurred after work, the fire was not controlled in time. So when the fire was put out, part of the factory had been swallowed up by the fire.


"Black smoke rose, accompanied by a crackling sound." The client recalled.


"Although there is danger, I'm afraid. But we still work together to put out the fire. If all leaders and employees don't eat or sleep, they are bound to control the fire. In addition to keeping several main machines of equipment, the whole plant burned down."


"The ground was full of steaming asphalt. We didn't hesitate or even consider the danger. We shoveled it clean in just a few hours with simple tools. There was no garbage and sundries except the scorched trace of the ground."


At that time, Guiyang fire brigade, the court and other departments came to the scene to find out the source. The most widely said is that the brown out of the pot spontaneously combusted under the high temperature, but the specific reason is still inconclusive.


The fire left all people with lingering fear and did not dare to slack off. After the night on duty, the workers and leaders scrambled to stay for the night in the factory. No one shouted tired and no one complained. Everyone's hearts are screwed together, and the great fire can't burn the unity spirit of nature.


After the fire, the whole plant mobilized. Nature began the difficult reconstruction work. Everyone focused on living directly in the factory without pay. The whole reconstruction process was a miracle. In less than 7 days, the plant was completed. Everyone was full of hope and expectation and full of fighting spirit. In 13 days, all factories in nature were restored, and production was restored in less than 30 days.


"Such a speed is unexpected. I didn't expect everyone to go all out to work in one direction, which can produce so much energy. Everyone is encouraged and has more confidence in the future."


After resuming production, the workers found that the fire caused a little problem in the production host, resulting in the production of brown chips not as uniform as before.


"Such defects are unacceptable to workers. If the equipment is replaced, it will undoubtedly increase the economic losses. After careful consideration, the company decided to improve the equipment."


In 1994, the company began to develop equipment. But at that time, due to technical reasons, hot pressing plate and rubber storage hose had different degrees of problems. Finally, a foundry in Anshun was found to make hot pressing plate, and the rubber storage pipe was remanufactured with steel plate.


2、 Protecting green mountains is nature

After more than 20 years, nature has entered a safe and stable development process. The construction of the new park is an opportunity, a sublimation and a challenge for nature mattresses.


New era, new problem of pollution.


When starting the construction of the new park in 2014, in addition to the corresponding equipment improvement and production capacity improvement, the new park takes green, health and safety as the top priority of the construction work, and strives to minimize the emission standard of "wastewater, waste and waste gas".


In terms of dust removal, the company found the top high-tech team in the domestic dust removal field to solve this problem and redesigned the whole dust removal system. It took about one and a half years to complete the research and development of this system.


"In the past, the company used the cyclone dust removal system. This system has the biggest defect. In the process of dust removal, the content of gas and dust is very high. After each dust removal, a layer of brown ash will be covered around. In order to reduce the dust, the staff once added the sprinkler, but the sewage after use is difficult to treat."


In order to solve this problem, the company continues to improve, and now has developed a bag dust removal system. It is completely different from other dust removal systems. One is the internal design of the system, and the other is the selection of bag materials. The selection of cloth bags takes a lot of energy from designers, but it can not stop the continuous improvement and attempt of nature people.


"It took a long time to find a suitable cloth by repeatedly experimenting with the residual Brown ash and blowing the brown ash with pulse wind. Although the bag dust removal system also had design defects, a large amount of brown ash attached to the bag the next day after dust removal would be blocked and need manual cleaning to continue to be used, the new system also made great progress in dust removal and effectively improved the production and operation environment."


In terms of waste recycling, the company has found another way to make waste Brown slag and brown ash into biomass fuel. Although it seems to be a very easy thing. But how to make fuel more efficient and what kind of equipment is better? Still challenging the company's employees.


"The traditional biomass fuel is compressed into a column with sawn wood. The slag of traditional sawn wood has good viscosity and is easy to be made into a column. However, brown slag is not easy to stick. To make it into fuel, brown slag and brown ash form a solid, it needs to meet the requirements of strength and hardness of equipment abrasive metal, and it is three times higher than sawn wood under pressure."


The development of equipment system is also very difficult. Nature found three technology companies before and after, and finally cooperated with a technology company in Henan. It took a whole year.


The inner core of nature's products is pure natural plant fiber. On the one hand, this equipment system eliminates the discharge of solid waste, on the other hand, it turns waste Brown slag into products. Turning waste into treasure not only solves the problem of waste discharge, but also makes full use of the recyclability of materials and contributes to environmental protection.


In terms of wastewater treatment, the company has also carried out a new design. It is very difficult for the original equipment system to treat the glue and chemical components in the glue containing wastewater. These substances have formed a thick layer of rubber after being discharged in the old factory for half a year.


The company suits the case. We have worked hard for the treatment of glue containing wastewater, so that the current wastewater discharge can reach the secondary discharge standard and can be used as greening water. At present, all wastewater basically meets the green and low emission problems of the new park.


"The problems are solved one by one with the concerted efforts of everyone." This difficult process has forged the spirit of unity of nature. Everyone takes the factory as their home, and everyone uses their own strength to contribute to nature.


For the future, we have countless ideas. Once those seemingly unreachable possibilities, all kinds of experiences dating back to the 1990s are gradually realized by our love and dedication to nature from the bottom of our heart.


"Taking history as a mirror", nature can go as far as the dream is.

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